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May 2010

Get Carried Away with a Fistful of Cake!

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Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake – Out Now!

We’re very excited to let all of you know that Fat Princess Fistful of Cake is available now for the PSP!

We hope you enjoy sharing some cake “to go”, with this new extended version of Fat Princess created by our friends over at Supervillain Studios. They have added so much more to FP with new game modes like Demolition, Jailbreak and Grim Reaper, plus the neat Dilapidated mode which adds a neat spin to any game. In Dilapidated mode, you must first repair the hat machines in order to get them operational! The new maps are great, too. They also created a longer story mode to introduce you to these new game elements and help you get familiar with the new surroundings.

Congrats again to everyone at Supervillain Studios for providing the world with even more cake-feeding mayhem, and for stuffing so much content onto the PSP version. You guys rock!

Fat Princess Fistful of Cake is out now and available for download and purchase where all fine cake-eating games are sold.

– Ao

Brownie Town Went Missing!

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Hello fellow Atoms and Fat Princess fans.  Things are well in the world of Atomic Operations and we are working our tails off on some hot new cake recipes, but enough of that.

Due to a number of fans who love to post level guides and generally view Fat Princess levels from above, we have been informed that we have yet to post a Brownie Town shot.  So without hessitation…

I think I see my house from here!