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June 2010

1 Cake to Rule them, 1 Slice of DLC to School Them

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Fat Roles DLC & Patch 1.06 Release Tomorrow; June 29th 2010

At long last the DLC is launching tomorrow. We are very excited to bring you 4 Player Couch Co-Op and hope everyone enjoys all the new Pirate, Ninja and Giant classes.  We have also included a host of new Trophies, along with support for Private Games and Clan Tags.  Enjoy all the latest updates to the world of Fat Princess.  We will see you online tomorrow for some frantic new co-op battles!


Fat Princess Fat Roles Announced FTW!

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Atomic Operations is proud to announce

Fat Princess Fat Roles!

The Ao Team has returned from an AMAZING week at E3. While at the show, we showed off all the new features and content of Fat Roles to the Press. We have added a ton of new elements and fan-requested designs into Fat Princess, such as 4-Player Co-Op and Clan Tag support! Along with the awesome new Pirate, Ninja and Giant classes, we have also added new trophies, private servers and more!  The team is now gearing up for the launch of the DLC and Patch 1.06 coming VERY VERY VERY soon to a PS3 near you!


Stressed Spelled Backwards is Desserts!

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Atomic Operations Visits Phyllis Buzzini at the Alaska Silk Pie Company

In celebration of the upcoming Fat Princess content, the Atomic Operations team visited the Alaska Silk Pie Company in Seattle.  Phyllis has an amazing array of tasty desserts, and allowed the team to taste some of her latest top-secret experimental concoctions which were absolutely amazing!  For some of the best desserts on the planet, check out The Alaska Silk Pie Company for all your dessert and decadent cake cravings.  The Cafe Diablo is a highly recommended devilish concoction that is simply the Rolls Royce of cakes…

Layer 1…an almond crust is bound together with a caramel made here at the bakery with hints of lemon and spices.
Layer 2…our dark chocolate orange and espresso silk
Layer 3…is a white chocolate Cognac silk laced with cloves and cinnamon
Layer 4…is dark chocolate espresso silk
Layer 5…is a white chocolate orange silk with cloves and cinnamon
Layer 6…is a combination of all 6 silk layers; white & dark chocolate silk, Courvousier, Grand Marnier, Lemon, Orange, Espresso, Cloves and Cinnamon…my personal favorite layer!
Layer 7…is a white chocolate Grand Marnier Silk

And altogether…WOW!

Our Hefty Highness would be so proud of this amazing edible masterpiece.


Atomic Operations is headed to E3!

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Which Way to the Convention Center?

The Atomic Operations Team is headed to LA next week, to talk about all the latest and greatest developments coming from the team. We are excited to be at the show this year and hope to meet with some of our favorite Press Peeps, Online Editors, Bloggers, Magazines, Publishers and fellow Game Dev Colleagues.

The team would like to wish everyone in the Gaming Industry a fantastic and successful show, as this is one of the biggest events of the year for all of us. If you would like to see what we’re up to, shoot us an email at and we will email you next week to let you know where we’ll be demoing at the show.

Keep watching this space for updates coming soon!

– Ao