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July 2010

Fat Princess @ Casual Connect 2010

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Mundy and Millar Discuss Development Issues and Successes at Casual Connect 2010

July 20, 2010 – Seattle, WA.  John Mundy and Chris Millar presented “Cake 4 Everyone,”  the behind-the-scenes story of production challenges and successes during Fat Princess development. The Founders Room was full of game developers, fans and publishers; all attending to learn more about the initial inception of Fat Princess (once called “Siege”) through it’s developmental evolution.

The talk covered the Dev Team’s “play, refine, repeat” strategy and how it helped to evolve Fat Princess from a casual 12-player online cooperative game to the 32-player class-based battle royale we have today. We also covered our goals behind “Free DLC” for the fans along with the tremendous fan support that helped fuel the creation and ultimate release of the Fat Roles DLC.

Two weeks away from our one year anniversary of Fat Princess’ release, it is awesome to look back at the growth of this game; from the tiny first glimpse at E3 2008 during the Sony Keynote, through the continued sales success of FP today. It has been a fantastic journey and we’re keen on continuing forth to create great games for our fans.


Fans Vs. Devs

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Mundinator and Ao-Chris jump into PlayStation Home with the Fans

A Special thanks goes out to all our fans who jumped into the PlaySation Home on Tuesday to attend the Fat Princess Devs Vs. Fans Event. We enjoyed answering all of your thoughtful and funny questions about Fat Princess, and connecting directly with some of the awesome people who continue to support this great game.
After the meet-and-greet in Home, we hosted a few jam-packed sessions of fast-paced full-on 16 Vs. 16 Fat Princess!  We had a total blast, round after round, in numerous maps with everyone playing all the new classes and teaming up in Co-Op groups. Thanks for all your support in creating such a fantastically fun event for everyone; the fans and the dev team here at Atomic Operations.
Fat Princess is still in the PlayStation Network TOP-TEN almost 1 year after initial release – let’s see if we can keep the momentum going! Do all your friends haveFat Roles?– Ao