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November 2010

Fat Princess Featured on The Tester 2

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Guiding the “Fat Princesses” to Their Crown

The latest episode of The Tester 2 is out now on the PSN! ¬†This week’s episode features a special Fat Princess challenge and a guest cameo by our favorite Fat Princess Producer, Deborah Mars. ¬† Enjoy this brand new Episode and good luck to the rest of the contestants!


The Fun Bits Find a New Home!

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Inside the Fun Bits Studio

Originally created deep within the heart of the Pike Place Market, the Fun Bits are “movin’ on up, to the East Side…”

As we leave our bunker here on Post Alley, there are many things that we will miss; the aroma of freshly brewed beer, the musicians infront of the original Starbucks, the delicious stream of pippin’ hot donuts , dodging flying fish on our way to lunch and of course the minty smell of the Seattle Gum Wall outside our front steps.

But as one chapter ends, another begins. We are very excited to grow our Production Studio beyond our current size and into a much bigger and more creative space down in historical Pioneer Square. Our new home is a fantastical place where you can buy a kilt, see a magic mouse, ride a duck, cheer for a Seahawk or go on an underground tour with a Gyro in one hand and a Philly Cheesesteak in the other.

Maybe some of you would like to come join us on this wonderful new adventure? If so, we’d love to hear from you!