Bits of Holiday Cheer

By December 17, 2010News, Press, We Love Our Fans

Happy Holidays from all of us at Fun Bits

It has been an exciting first year here at FBI, filled with Fat Princess and new development projects. Thank you to all the fans and supporters of Fat Princess, we couldn’t have done it without you.

We look forward to 2011, as the FBI team will be working away like Christmas elves on our next big project. We look forward to sharing all the awesome details of this fantastic new development, but it will be a little while longer before this present can be unwrapped.

We’d also like to thank our friends at KOTAKU for posting our Holiday Card this year, you guys rock!

Have a Safe and Wonderful Holiday Season,

– Chris, John, Matt, Mundy, Russ, Dale, Genevieve, Greg, Robb and Jamie


  • VinHikaru says:

    Happy Holidays! I can’t wait to see your next project. (PS – I like the tree with tentacles!)

  • OWLKA says:


    I wonder who’s who on this picutre.


  • Edodo says:

    Can’t waaait! Why don’t you make something like… uhm… a lil’game, just to increase hype. Every two months you give us a word that in some way can lead us to understand what’s behind your next project.

    Maybe those tentacles… 😛 I know everything you’ll do will be WONDERFUL (like FPs).

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