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I don’t speak German, but I can if you like…


What do you think it is?

In just a few days, we will be announcing our next exciting new project, currently being developed here at Fun Bits Interactive.

We’re drinking lots of coffee, squashing bugs, brushing up on our German and then packing our bags to head to gamescom 2011; the world’s largest trade fair and event highlighting interactive games and entertainment.

Gamescom takes place in Cologne, Germany – and Fun Bits will be there to announce this whole new project to the world. We’re excited to finally talk about what we’ve been up to and we’re looking forward to sharing all the juicy details with fans next week. Until then…

Auf Wiedersehen,


3 Responses to “I don’t speak German, but I can if you like…”

  1. A new announcement AND a Lady Gaga reference!?

    I love you FunBits.

  2. I can’t wait to hear about it guys!! I hope you’ll make a detailed post here too.

  3. guys its time to make a sequel to fat princess if fat roles was not made players of this game still would not be hungry for a sequel, there is nothing wrong with the game its just the legacy of fun this game has cannot just die. there are a bunch of download only games that has sequels like the game death spank has two sequels. I’m just saying us probably I don’t know millions of fans or hundred thousands of fans don’t want to let go of fat princess.I jump in online matches and start talking to other people and the conversation ends up with the sentence,” this game is to awesome to not have a sequel” hope you guys heard my message and good luck with the new game ” the escape ” it looks like a cool thinking/platforming game

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