Fun Bits Interactive is Hiring!

By April 30, 2014News

Now Hiring!

Fun Bits Interactive is growing! Fun Bits Interactive is a tight team of passionate game developers and we are looking for a talented Senior Engine Programmer to join us!

Please send resumes and any supporting materials to  We look forward to hearing from you!


  • Paulo Soares says:

    Is that new Fat Princess artwork?
    Are you finally making Fat Princess 2? Hope is real.
    I played more then 4000hours of the game in online. So… a big fan there.
    Don’t forget the priest in the new game. And look for the original to continue with climbing with cake. I know probably is a glitch but is really fun.

  • FatPrincess2 says:

    2500 hours here.

    Fat princess was the best online game i’ve ever played before.

    There’s a whole community waiting for Fat Princess 2.

    Please guys, make it real! A big announcement…. FAT PRINCESS 2 COMING OUT..! Please!

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