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We believe in a positive working environment and that laughter is key to the success of a studio and its products. We love what we do for a living and enjoy working in a place where most people can walk to work and enjoy working hard in a cooperative work place.

We are always on the look out for exceptional talent in all departments. Here are some of our current openings:

How do I apply ?

Show us your best examples of polished implemented design, art or programmed features or playable levels (with screenshots), with an explanation of what substantial role you had in completing them. This is the best possible way to get hired.

A portfolio like this is something you can build up whether or not you have ever worked in the industry, and to us, is the strongest indicator of skill and passion for the job.

We’re looking for the “wow” factor and team members that will blow our minds!

Fun Bits Interactive is looking for a senior engine programmer to push our proprietary engine on next-gen consoles and beyond. This programmer would design and implement code to improve the engine’s functionality and creators’ productivity. The Senior Engine Programmer will design and implement engine technology for current and future games as well as profile and optimize code for game consoles. A strong familiarity of CPU and GPU hardware is a must.

Experience Required

  • 5+ years professional programming experience and Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Excellent working knowledge of C++
  • Strong 3D math skills
  • A solid understanding of computer architecture and platform specific considerations
  • Excellent debugging skills

Fun Bits is looking for a highly skilled gameplay programmer to work on current and future next gen titles. The role requires a solid background implementing core gameplay components and expertise building networked systems. The ideal candidate will work closely with design and engineering to help realize creative goals and ensure that the game delivers a high quality multiplayer experience.

Experience Required

  • 3 years of professional video game development experience, including at least 1 shipped title.
  • Gameplay programming expertise, including code design and implementation of networked game modes and features.
  • Advanced knowledge of networking concepts, and a proven track record implementing networking systems in shipped titles.
  • Console development experience, with knowledge of platform specific APIs, including PSN services.
  • A solid understanding of computer architecture and platform specific considerations
  • Data-centric code design and optimization experience
  • Excellent knowledge of C, C++
  • Excellent debugging skills, including the use of tools to debug networked functionality


  • Knowledge of assembly or other relevant low level programming experience
  • Familiarity with mainstream game engines and middleware
  • Knowledge of Maya API and Mel scripting
  • Experience working in Visual Studio and Xcode
  • Design credits on a shipped title.

Fun Bits is looking for a senior combat designer to help design, implement and maintain various combat related systems in our latest 3rd person fantasy action adventure title. Are you a combat expert? Do you embrace making slick boss battles? Can you talk AI tactics and behaviors until the cows come home? If so, then you might just be the right person for this job.


  • Collaborate with the rest of the design team to bring out the best possible combat experience using existing levels and systems.
  • Design and script enemy behaviors for tactical and exciting gameplay moments that will keep players engaged.
  • Guide the design, implementation and balance of enemy boss battles.
  • Guide level and system designers towards best practices on enemy deployment.
  • Assist level designers in scripting and placing memorable combat encounters.
  • Work with gameplay engineers to make combat come to life.
  •  Work with animators and effects artists to create combat that is understandable and thoughtful.


  • Work with animators and effects artists to create combat that is understandable and thoughtful.
  • Experience with 3rd person action adventure fantasy games.
  • Experience with scripting (visual scripting, LUA, C#).
  • Passion for knowing what makes exciting and varied AI.
  • Previous experience building boss battles from design to final.

Fun Bits Interactive is looking for a Senior Animator who can demonstrate a broad range of character animation and acting skills. This includes a deep understanding of the principles of animation, and how to best employ those principles to create performance that supports the project’s game and visual design.  As a member of a small team, you will bear the responsibility and ownership for a major portion of the game.  You will work directly with other disciplines to create memorable narrative moments and character performances.


  • Create high-quality key frame animation to a standard suitable for next-generation console development.
  • The creation of character animation in a variety of stylistic genres, from cartoon to realistic, mechanical to fluid, humanoid to creature.
  • Work closely with Art and Design to develop animation assets that fulfill the requirements of the project’s game design and visual design.
  • Consistently meet project deadlines in a timely manner without compromising artistic integrity.
  • Work in a team-oriented environment and use organizational and interpersonal skills on a daily basis and bring a creative and proactive attitude to the task of animating performances.

Required Qualifications

  • 3+ years of animation experience.
  • 5+ years game industry experience or related entertainment industry experience.
  • Must be proficient in Maya.
  • Shipped at least two titles as an animator.
  • Experience with basic character setup, particularly skinning.
  • Self-driven, good communication skills, and a great team-player attitude.
  • Experience working with a lead in developing a unique and cohesive animation style.

Bonus Qualifications

  • Character Modeling
  • Creature Animation/ Rigging (quadrupeds)
  • Skill in one or more related disciplines – illustration, modeling, storyboarding, visual effects, or technical art

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