Fun Bits is Hiring

We believe in a positive working environment and that laughter is key to the success of a studio and its products. We love what we do for a living and enjoy working in a place where most people can walk to work and enjoy working hard in a cooperative work place.

We are always on the look out for exceptional talent in all departments. Here are some of our current openings:

How do I apply ?

Show us your best examples of polished implemented design, art or programmed features or playable levels (with screenshots), with an explanation of what substantial role you had in completing them. This is the best possible way to get hired.

A portfolio like this is something you can build up whether or not you have ever worked in the industry, and to us, is the strongest indicator of skill and passion for the job.

We’re looking for the “wow” factor and team members that will blow our minds!


  • Communicate and work closely with Programmers to develop new features.
  • Acquire a deep understanding of our engine tools and technology and be able to explain how they work to content creators.
  • Develop tools using Mel Script, Python and sometimes C/C# in support of a pipeline, feature, or to simply make the workflow of the artist easier.
  • Analyze memory/performance concerns throughout a project’s development.
  • Research and help implement new ways to identify and optimize content.
  • Create efficient materials for use in Master Shaders for Characters, Environments and Effects.

Required Skills:

  • Expert knowledge of Maya, Photoshop and game engines.
  • Able to collaborate and work well with teams from various disciplines.
  • Take charge in optimization of content for memory and performance gains, while maintaining visual fidelity.
  • Motivated, self-driven and enthusiasm to their craft.
  • Expert knowledge of MEL Script.

Desired Skills:

  • 3+ years of industry experience
  • Knowledge and experience in one or more of the following artistic disciplines: environment art, character art, animation, rigging, effects, lighting and physics
  • Experience with current generation Console Platforms (Xbox 360 and Playstation 3)
  • Familiarity with programming or scripting (C#, C++, Python)

Fun Bits Interactive is looking for a senior engine programmer to push our proprietary engine on next-gen consoles and beyond. This programmer would design and implement code to improve the engine’s functionality and creators’ productivity. The Senior Engine Programmer will design and implement engine technology for current and future games as well as profile and optimize code for game consoles. A strong familiarity of CPU and GPU hardware is a must.

Experience Required

  • 5+ years professional programming experience and Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Excellent working knowledge of C++
  • Strong 3D math skills
  • A solid understanding of computer architecture and platform specific considerations
  • Excellent debugging skills

Fun Bits is looking for a highly skilled gameplay programmer to work on current and future next gen titles. The role requires a solid background implementing core gameplay components and expertise building networked systems. The ideal candidate will work closely with design and engineering to help realize creative goals and ensure that the game delivers a high quality multiplayer experience.

Experience Required

  • 3 years of professional video game development experience, including at least 1 shipped title.
  • Gameplay programming expertise, including code design and implementation of networked game modes and features.
  • Advanced knowledge of networking concepts, and a proven track record implementing networking systems in shipped titles.
  • Console development experience, with knowledge of platform specific APIs, including PSN services.
  • A solid understanding of computer architecture and platform specific considerations
  • Data-centric code design and optimization experience
  • Excellent knowledge of C, C++
  • Excellent debugging skills, including the use of tools to debug networked functionality


  • Knowledge of assembly or other relevant low level programming experience
  • Familiarity with mainstream game engines and middleware
  • Knowledge of Maya API and Mel scripting
  • Experience working in Visual Studio and Xcode
  • Design credits on a shipped title.

Game Testers perform a vital role as the first audience, reporting on performance, usability, playability, and identifying aspects which could be improved. Testers are responsible for reviewing the quality bar for internal tools and for finding flaws in our game(s) before it is sent to the publisher. Testers work with the Fun Bits Production staff to provide providing detailed feedback to all the stakeholders, and represents the “voice of the consumer” in production/design meetings. This opening is for a part time position that may evolve to a full time position.

Responsibilities and required skills:

  • Able to review the game in a fast-paced environment with both long and short development cycles
  • Able to sleuth out problems – finding a bug is easy, but narrowing down the parameters so that you know what causes a problem 100% of the time is the goal
  • Able to clearly communicate in concise terms the what/where/when/why and how of the issues found
  • Participate in review of requirements and designs
  • Able to work with designer/producer/engineer to participate in defining testing risks
  • Passionate gamer

Preferred skills:

  • 1+ years of QA experience on internal game development teams
  • QA backend and frontend website features, load/performance and automation testing
  • Working knowledge of at least 2 test tools
  • Able to support live rapid deployment online service
  • Develop the technical competency of QA
  • Web site troubleshooting skills
  • Sense of humor (and not just about the policies of Millard Fillmore)
  • Background in art, game design, or computer science

We are looking for Flash Ninjas to help us bring one of our games across the finish line. This is a short-term need, but may grow into a long-term assignment based on the individual.

Responsibilities and required skills:

  • Implement game interfaces and user experiences
  • Work with existing Production, Design, Tech team
  •  Evaluate current implementation; be prepared to bring new solutions to the table, but to work well with others
  • Experienced in Flash design/implementationMastery of the Creative Suite – especially Photoshop and Illustrator
  • 3 – 5 years of solid UX design experience
  • Strong art portfolio

Bonus points:

  • Previous experience with IGGY (RAD Flash environment)
  • Ability to clearly articulate and communicate your UX/UI concepts
  • Experience partnering with an experienced development team to provide UI experience

Responsibilities and required skills:

  • Implement game interfaces and user experiences
  • Partner with existing Production, Design, Tech team to collaborate and iterate in fast-paced environment
  • Evaluate current implementation; be prepared to bring new solutions to the table
  • Can adhere to coding conventions
  • Able to perform and receive code reviews

Bonus points:

  • Previous experience with IGGY (RAD Flash environment)
  • Experience using Photoshop and other design tools
  • Experience partnering with an experienced development team to provide UI experience
  • BA/BS in computer science, design or related field
  • Ability to offer best practices on process and deliverables that maintains high quality user experience within a highly productive, efficient environment

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