Two Sides, Two Princesses, and now…Two Winners!

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Vincent Cheng & Tim Gillespie – “Fat Princess’ Biggest Fan” Winners

After a long and thorough review of all the FANtastic fan submissions, we are very fortunate and proud to say that Fat Princess PS3 PSN has two of the biggest fans in the world: Vincent Cheng and Tim Gillespie!

We were blown away by the attention to detail in Vincent’s poster of the “Cookie Mobsters” clan. We loved the colorful and unique representation of his fellow clan members, and even the incorporation of all the original concept art. This original creation was fantastic, and we would like to let you all know that the original visual Art Director of FP, Weng Chen, was very happy to see her artwork emulated so well.

We are also glad to have someone like Tim and the entire Broccoli Crew helping to organize community events almost a year after Fat Princess’ original release on the PlayStation Network. Clan events and multiplayer gaming has kept Fat Princess going and growing. It is wonderful that people are still helping to rally the troops to keep the game in the Top Ten each month. Without such amazing and constant devotion from the entire community, we wouldn’t have the honor of continuing to create more content for this fabulous game of mayhem and frosting.

Therefore, we’d like to thank everyone for their efforts and to let all of you know that we will be contacting each and every Fan who entered a submission: the Warrior and Priest costumed kids, the “Unknown Chef”, even the guy who ended up with frosting on his face in a dress! We had a great time judging this contest, and to show our appreciation, each and every one of you will get a little slice of the action!

We love our fans,

– Ao

Who's the Biggest Fat Princess Fan?

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Who is the Biggest Fan Contest Begins…

Are you the King or Queen of Fat Princess? Have you ruled the rankings?  Have you directed some award-winning Fat Princess machinima? Do you love cake more than the Princess herself? Are you the Fastest Feeder in the West?

If so, YOU could be the next AI character in the PS3 PSN version of Fat Princess.  Show us that YOU are the Biggest Fan of Fat Princess, and we’ll name an AI character after you in the next FP Patch Release. You will forever be immortalized in the world of Fat Princess, and have bragging rights to everyone you know that a character with YOUR name is in the game.

Entries should be in the form of Photos or Video.

Photos and YouTube Links can be placed on the official Atomic Operations page Wall here:
Atomic Operations on Facebook

1. All entries must be submitted by April 21, 2010
2. There will only be one winner.
3. Winner will be announced by April 23, 2010
4. Winner will be judged on effort, creativity and humor. Winner will be notified directly through their Facebook account and will be announced on the Atomic Operations website.
5. Content must be original, funny and be able to be viewed by a General Audience. Any crude or risque content will be immediately deleted.

The contest is already under way with our first submission. Will he be the main contender? Will he be knocked off his throne? Only time will tell…

Name of AI character will be first name, or nickname of winning contestant.
PSN ID’s will not be able to be used for winning character AI.

May the biggest Fat Princess Fan win!